Hiking in Seydişehir , Konya

Seydisehir; A district of Konya. 1-1,5 hours from the center. It is possible to reach Konya by intercity bus or by minibus.

The ticket price was 15 TL (August 2018).

Before I visited, I had no idea about Seydisehir.

But I could finish all day just with two places. Early in the morning I got on the bus from Konya, I was planning to do breakfast in the famous Kuğulu Park. That’s what I did.

Kuğulu Park is a beautiful place, built to remove Konya’s longing for water. I spent quite a lot of time and enjoying it. I was really very happy to be in Kuğulu Park, surrounded by mountains and wonderful pond. For breakfast, I’m normally a toasted person, I’ve never been looking for something different in breakfast but somehow (I don’t know if the weather was hit me or something) I wanted to “Turkish Breakfast”.

I took the breakfast, which was 20 TL per person, and I had delicious breakfast with mountain and green views.

Then my plan was to ride on the park bike, but I changed my plan with a piece of interest!

A mountain with walking path!

There are signboard of wild animals!

Hmmmm, I started to walk without thinking. The road was getting steep and the place was getting increasingly deserted.

I came across a fountain with water flowing, in the middle, the water was like ice!

I realized that I didn’t have much time on my bus, so I started to go down. (I’m thinking how to return to the bus station should be a separate article).

The view impressed me.

As you can see from the photos, it was wonderful!

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