Public Transportation and Elkart Fees in Konya

Konya is the largest city in our country in terms of face measurement. At the same time, with the advantages brought by its geographic features, dozens of modes of transportation have been developed in a wide and flat area. Public buses, minibuses, trams and bicycles serve almost every corner of the city. There have also been announcements that the metro will be built in the near future, but it is not clear what routes will be between them.

One of the most beautiful works in Konya is the free public transportation application made by the Metropolitan Municipality.

Thanks to the ATUS program, which is called Smart Public Transportation System, you can find out which stops the bus will take during which hours and you will know how many minutes the buses and trams will come from the nearest stops.

You can also see your location on the map, find the buses that provide transportation to your destination, and follow the map where you expect the bus. During your stay in Konya, we must say that it is one of the most important means to help you.

In fact, you can find everything from the information of the important points of the city to the hotels, to the activities in Konya, to the pharmacies on duty, to the bicycle stops, to the closest points where you can install your elkart.

When you decide to go to Konya, you must download this program.

If you say that you do not want to download, you can access the same information from this site;

Elkart Fees

In order to use public transportation, it is your benefit that you get the cards called “Elkart”.

For 1 TL you can get this card from any filling dealer. With this card you can get to the city buses, trams and also rent a bicycle.

For all the information about cycling in Konya, you can read our “Bike Hire and Bicycle Routes in Konya”

The prices are cheap, easy to use. You can use your public card by taking your civil card to 1 TRY.

Also, all public buses and trams in Konya, credit cards and bank cards with contactless features of the banks can be used.

In addition, you can get on the public transport with NFC-enabled phones and you can reach almost every region of city with only 2.10 TRY.

As of April 2019, the fees are 2.10 TRY for non-discounted and 1.55 TL for students.

You can travel unlimitedly in Konya for a month for 125 TL. Please note that it may be appropriate for people who are planning to stay longer.





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