French Series Suggestion “La Mante” ~no spoiler~

After I started learning French, of course, the first thing I looked at was whether there was a nice series to watch or not.

Interestingly, I couldn’t find perfect series in French unfortunately. Besides, the movies were extremely boring! (To tell the truth, I didn’t research too much because I don’t like to watch movies.)

A series caught my eye while I was browsing Netflix, probably the easiest way to watch the series recently. La Mante. Even if it was a single season series, I was interested and started to watch.

The Subject of La Mante (The Mantis)

The series is about murders which are similar to the ones of a serial killer who was got arrested years ago. In order to solve these murders -not even the American police- the French police resorted to a perfect solution.

Of course employing the serial killer, they arrested years ago, as a consultant! “Wow, how different it is!” you said, right? I did to be honest. By the way, the serial killer also has conditions e.g. he wants to work only with his son who is a cop.

I think the series starting with a classic entry has progressed in a rather exciting way. While watching with my sister, in most of the scenes, we said “you gotta be kidding me!”

Is it watchable?

Definitely! Now I am asking myself “if I hadn’t been learning French, would I have watched it?” Yes, I’d definitely watch.

It points out the social problems and especially the lives of women, and gives an example of how much something happened to somebody can make that human change.

I was very surprised in most murders, how a person can do it. On the other hand, what appeared at the end was creepier!

The Cast

Nothing to say about Jeanne, already great. Just, because I didn’t understand if she was lying or not in some scenes, this has upset me.

It has seemed to me that Damien was a little scanty, I don’t know how to say, e.g. behaving as if to puke at any moment, looking glassy with a single face even getting the happiest news, so on. You know, you’re all right, you’re a cop, you’re trying to solve a murder, but I’d still like to see him laughing some more. Though his mother is a serial killer, his father is dead, and he was nurtured by his grandfather and tried to face a lot of facts he learned later on. How much can he laugh!

My favorite character is Lucie. Actually, Lucie’s hair. Every time I saw it, “how nice hair“ I reacted it.

Who’s the killer?

Of course I’m not saying who. I just want to point out that I didn’t certainly guess upto a certain section. The series is progressing slowly, making you wonder, and episode to episode saying who is. I would like to congratulate you, if you say that you could guess.

I was really surprised about the killer, not expected. The explanation was great, all the happenings were thought-provoking.

“After the series had been over, I thought so much about that” I can say. I think that it’s an impressive series.

The Language French

Since I started learning French, it was the first production in French I have watched. To realize that I could choose sentences or some words starting from episode 2 has made me really happy.

I can say that keeping watching, sometimes I could understand the matter without even looking at the subtitle. No, not all things but you can still understand greetings or certain forms of the language.

After this series, I haven’t seen any other French series or movies yet. If you have any suggestions, please share with me! If you have watched this series and want to comment in a different way, I always listen to it!

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