Meram , Konya , Turkey

Konya generally has a dry climate. No matter which transport you use, you will definitely see the large steppes. And we also know there is no sea. Then how can the people of Konya get out of the effect of this dry air and take some breath?

The answer to this question must be Meram. Contrary to the crowds in the city center, going down to Meram, you will see the streets that are calm and the buildings that descend.

Meram has a very old history with its green nature and fresh air. I was very surprised to hear that the history was based on the Hittites.

Tavus Baba Tomb and Meram Vineyards

You can reach the picnic and recreation area, which is also known as the Meram Bağlari, buses and minibuses with the number 2 or 4 from from city center.

You can walk through the nice looking bridge of the river, take away the nuts sold on the edge and head towards the forest area.

You can also tour the river with dolphins on sea bikes. There is a fee of 3.5 TRY per person. To reach Tavus Baba Mausoleum, you will see dozens of souvenir shops next to the stairs you need to leave. We recommend you to buy souvenirs, especially the ones about Mevlana. You’ll realize that you can find really nice things.

If you want to eat, you can eat from the restaurants and cafes on both sides of the river, including pastry rolls, meatballs and also you can drink tea.

We were very hungry when we arrived, we ate sandwiches in Nevizade Restaurant where we got off the bus, we paid 9 TRY for this. The prices are the same as normal cafes, but we recommend you to eat “sac boregi”.

Tavus Baba Tomb, Tavus Baba Mosque and Hasbey Masjid will be appear first.


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