Foreign Series I’ve Watched

If you wonder how a foreign language is learned, I can say that the exact method without doubt is watching foreign series. I don’t think there will be anyone to deny it, because what you call a foreign language is a phenomenon that must be learned in practice.

However you should not say that I watched 1-2 episodes then I could not learn! A foreign language requires patience and time.

Albeit I’m not watching to improve my language but I like to watch, I can never ignore the contributions to me. Because I can’t sort them, I’m going to write in a mixed order. If I want to sort them, I won’t be able to come to an agreement with myself about that. I am giving no spoiler, you can read it with your peace of mind.

La Casa da Papel

Because this is one of the series recently I watched, I am starting with it. It is definitely a wonderful series to practice in Spanish. In addition to this, the story is really fluent, and the characters are perfect. I think it’s a series that you can sit and watch nonstop.


What a good thing a friendship is! I can only describe this series as such. Actually I remember getting bored while watching the first episodes, but afterwards I never wanted to come to the end of the episodes. How good the days were!

How I Met Your Mother

Talking about friendship, I will add this. It is likened to Friends always, but for me, they are different. I can say that it gives you very nice advices on life, makes people think and laugh at the same time. Ted Mosby, you made me both laugh and sad!

Black Books

Now I thought why I have watched this series. It is definitely one of my favorites, well, I’ve watched!

Game of Thrones

Of course.


Another Benedict Cumberbatch will not come into the world, will he?

The Vampire Diaries

Actually it is the first one of the series that I never watch I can say, but I watched it at one time. You watch 1-2 episodes, then you say that I’ve started so I will finish, or you finish while you wonder and ask what happens at the end of the season.

Bojack Horseman

As someone who doesn’t usually like watching animation, this is the first animation series I’ve ever seen. The jokes, the ways the series works and progresses are very impressive. If you start watching, don’t be prejudiced. You should give it a chance at least for three episodes. Definitely you will understand what I mean.


If you like science fiction, time machines etc. and you love the ideas of going back in time or redesigning the world, this series will be exactly for you! I watched every episode willingly.


I think they might want to shoot this series again.

La Mante

When trying to learn French, I watched it thinking that it would be very useful. It is a 6-episode-Netflix-series. Under favour of this series, I’ve learned that the French could think very differently. Believe me, you will question the life after the end of the series.
For more information about this series, you can visit the page:

13 Reasons Why

That’s one of the series I have no idea why I’ve watched. No, I don’t understand how high school life can be such bad exaggerated, how do these young people live like that and still think a suicide as an option?! Strange.


I watched this series with my roomates in Portugal. For example, after an episode, we could sit and talk about the history for hours and try to visualise the life in the Roman Period.


This is definitely one of my favorites between the movies and series on Mars. I was very impressed by documentary-like expressions which made the events more realistic. I don’t know why they gave up it after just 1 season!


Speaking of history, there was no way not to watch the Vikings. I still keep the last season of this great series for happier days, which tells about the historical religions, lifestyles and raids of some of my favorite countries: Iceland, Norway and Sweden! I want to mention that I put my favorite character on the photo. We all are proud of Lagertha, a woman-like woman!

Breaking Bad

And who between you has compared Walter to own chemistry teacher?

Black Mirror

This series, which I started with the advice of a friend, make one’s mind go blank but doesn’t have a happy ending always. Remembering the episodes, I’m afraid to think about how formidable things technology can bring to our lives.

Stranger Things

Interestingly, it looks like a horror film, but for me it seems like a series more about the beauty of the bond between five children. Now for some reason, those monster etc. looks kind of cute.

The Expanse

Let’s keep this here.

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