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For those who want to learn French, I will tell you about a beautiful platform!

I mentioned in my previous writings that I started to learn French in KOMEK in Konya. I completed A1 level and started A2 course as of March. Because of my South Africa adventure, I caught the lessons with a delay of 1-2 weeks.

You can also read the things I learned and the events I participated during the semester here.
In this article, I would like to talk about the website “” which was built by our French instructor on the purpose of teaching French to anyone who wants to learn French.

How did it start?

When Mademoiselle Lale mentioned this idea, everyone found it reasonable and we started with our best efforts to make it as soon as possible, then it was adopted by the students in a short time.
First, we designated the French topics that would be illuminated on the site, then we thought putting some short films and videos in Turkish-French subtitles. Finally, taking account of the fact that everyone recently uses mobile resources, we have also started working for a mobile application. Google Play Link

Who is Mademoiselle Lale?

Mademoiselle Lale, love her job, is a teacher who has graduated from Selcuk University, Department of French Language and Literature. Both her teaching techniques and effort in lessons have destroyed the taboo” You cannot learn a foreign language in Turkey” for me. With the events for language practice, she also makes using the language possible.

The Site Content

The site was designed completely to teach French.

It includes grammar lectures, exercises, short films and videos. It also aims to improve your French vocabulary with the word banks in each section. After you finish the lectures using the site and mobile application, you can progress step by step by doing the exercises.

This community of which I am very happy to be a part increases its value for me day by day!

For all you want to ask or comment, you can contact me or our friends at

Social Media Accounts of Lafeedefrancais:

~ We are grateful to Mehmet, Yusuf, Afra and all our friends who have contributed to the site and the mobile application and have helped in any way! ~

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