I’ve Started Learning French

The most beautiful part of the foreign language is that after learning one of them, you can easily work up a head of steam for learning a new one.

Especially after learning English, you can understand most of the foreign sources so you can more easily correlate new words and thus your learning period is shortened.

Why French?

As a person who knows English, I assume that I have a basic German background, and besides, I think I have learned some Dutch when I live in the Netherlands.

Regarding French, I didn’t have a certain reason to learn it to tell the truth.

I wasn’t moving into a new country, it wasn’t something I needed to learn for my school or job, but I had to deal with a lot of French-speaking countries because of the project of which I was a part in Switzerland.

Besides these, I was sure that the Portuguese I learned at the time I spent in Portugal would help in learning French. (At some point, they are in the same linguistic family. 8 out of every 10 people in Portugal knew French as well).

At the same time, the beauty of the pronunciations and the fact that everyone said it a difficult language attracted me to learn this language even more. Let me admit that the everyone can be a little bit right about that it’s hard to learn. However, it’s certainly more logical language than English, and I think it’s easier to learn.

How do I learn?

When I decided to learn French, at the beginning, I tried to learn it in just the same way as I study and progress in any foreign language.

  • I studied certain grammar rules.
    I started to watch the French series.
    I tried to make usual sentences in French.
    I listened to French music.
    I tried to speak French to my friends in Switzerland.

But I wasn’t still thinking that I could improve myself like in Portuguese or Spanish. In addition, I was in doubt about learning some things wrong, and that was making me uneasy.

Later, I have heard that there was a French course in KOMEK in Konya. Thinking that at least on the topics of the basic reading rules, alphabet and speaking, I can have someone to consult face to face, I decided that I would sign up for the course.

I guess this is the first foreign language lesson for me in Turkey since 2nd year of university. I am seriously taking advantage of this course, which I thought it was not going to be very successful after the disappointments in German and English.

We have a young and very dynamic teacher graduated of the Department of French Language and Literature who loves teaching. She is very sympathetic, and her teaching techniques exactly sort together my learning style. After the classes, I watch series with subtitles, I try to make sure that the words and verbs that I learned will be permanent using them in sentences. I am still hard put to read properly, but I’m just starting out and I’m definitely aware that I have to practice.

If you want to learn French or if you are learning, please share with me how techniques you are using! I want to take videos in French too as soon as possible!

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