Konya French Language Community Theater Event – Around the World in Eighty Days

As Konya French Language Community which continue to organize events with the aim of learning and improving French skills, we ended the theater night with fun that was our most recent event.

Selçuklu Convention Center

Selcuklu Convention Center, opened last year in Konya, hosts new plays and concerts of famous artists. The fact that all the tickets were sold already made it very difficult for us to find tickets, but we have found a place even from the balcony. Interestingly, the attendance at the theater was much more than we expected for Konya, so it has both surprised us all and made very happy.

I believe that beautiful events will be held here as a big convention center with beautifully lightened large halls.

Where is Selçuklu Convention Center? How to get there?

Selçuklu Convention Center is located right across Eyüp Sultan tram stop.
If you go by car, there is a large free car park. You can see location information here.

How and when to buy tickets for events?

If you want to participate in the events organized by Selcuklu Convention Center, you have to follow them all day by day. Shortly after events are announced, the tickets for all front seats or for some events even all seats can be sold. You can follow tickets and events from this link.

Tickets for events in a next month are opened for sale on the site and box offices about 10 days earlier from that month.
Tickets can be bought,

From the site www.konyakultur.com online,
and the ticket offices below.
Selçuklu Convention Center
Mevlana Cultural Center
Pedestrian Subway Front Town Hall
Kultur AS Central Office

Ticket Prices

Prices vary according to the events. The theaters organized by the Selcuklu Convention Center are very affordable, as follows:

Full Fare 7.5 TL
Student Ticket 5 TL
Balcony 5 TL
Children Ticket 3 TL

Around the World in Eighty Days

I’ve also willingly read the book Around the World in Eighty Days, which everyone read, written by Jules Verne. I have always had an enthusiasm of traveling around the world and seeing new places.
The play version was so beautiful as well.

At first, the music played in the background and the sound of the players could not be understood clearly, but when the music stopped, everything got understood very clearly. Another detail that bothered me was that the decor changes were very noticeable and dizzier. Throughout the play, continuously moving chairs, doors, bags were right in front of my eyes.

The fact that the female player’s voice was too shrill was one of the details, but I didn’t care these because I had fun along the play.

It is not easy to put the world tour on a stage of course I accept that. That’s why it was exceedingly good.
Phileas Fogg and Paspartu (Passe-Par-Tout) were very good! While some of jokes of Detective Fix were very funny, some were at the level of primary school.

How did we find the play as the community?

We all liked this theater play so much that we went together. “Oui, oui“ answers of French Paspartu made us remember our teacher’s “oui, oui” in the lessons when she was teaching something to us.

We were really happy to have such a beautiful event together.

Before my trip to South Africa, it was a good night fully for me.

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