Conference with Food Engineers

Let me tell you a little about the event that I’ve been most happy with, recently.
Upon the request of the Student Office of the Chamber of Food Engineers, we had a good conversation with my student colleagues about the internship and job opportunities abroad.

What did we talk about?

We talked about the opportunities abroad, what they can do, what I do and what can be improved about our profession. I saw my previous panic before I graduated.

I can’t describe it now, even when I remember my student years.

I’ve told them all about how I came from those times. Sometimes I wish, I wish I could come across someone working abroad like me, even if I could ask him/her more as a student.
The house he/she lives in, the country where he/she lives, the money he/she earns, the food he/she eats …
There are so many experiences that you can have without experiencing the fact that you actually have a conversation with someone.

Being a Food Engineering Student

I would like to describe this in particular, so that friends who do not participate in our meeting can at least have an idea.

The reason I keep this site is to compile the information that can help my student friends by being aware of my own difficulties and thinking that I would be happy to see who was there at the time.
What does the food engineer do? Is the food engineer a cook? The food engineer can work where the graduates are enough questions and at the same time with his own profession.
When I was a student, our department president came in the first class and “you won’t have a job, in fact, you’ll be unemployed when you graduate, but anyway, let’s go to class for now” is a part of my hope and my disapointing.

After all, it is common for each food engineer to realize that there are so many possibilities with food engineering and to discover the opportunities that none of our teachers have ever mentioned.
Food engineering student, the person who should be aware of them. It is also the person who should be aware that he will only use a part of the information he will learn in school.


In this training, I tried to explain to everyone who is now a student, that they should not listen to anyone and only go according to their dreams and desires. I would recommend this to anyone reading this article.

It is a rule that is necessary not only for food engineering, but also for all engineering and all professions. Asking and knowing that nothing they want is impossible.

There’s nothing you can’t get any time. Doesn’t it sound like a simple sentence when it’s spoken?

For example, when you read this article, you can bring the hardest thing in life. The hardest thing to happen to life. Imagine something almost 100% sure you can never make it.

And think it’s not impossible. So you could do it.
Sounds crazy

Then remember me that I met and talked to Dutch queen!

I’m no different than you, is that something much easier than what you just imagined? I do not think so. Even when anyone ask me when I was a student, “IMPOSIBBLE!” I’d say.

But it is not. It will never happen.
Never hesitate to ask for the most you can ask for.

You’re always in your hands !. It was a program that I enjoyed very much.

I would like to thank all the friends who contributed.
I hope I’ve been a little helpful.

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