Conference with MÜHENDİSHANE

We have started this year for the 4-year program for women, which is aimed at engineering students who are name of Mimar Sinan Engineers Association (MSMB), not only in schools but also in social and business life.
As a result of our interviews with dozens of young girls with talented and future-oriented plans, our weekly trainings started with a team of 30 people.

What is MSMB?

MSMB is an organization established to contribute to the social development of engineers. You can get detailed information here.

International Internship and Job Opportunities

Based on my previous experiences, we made plans to interview our team of engineers. In order to answer the questions in their heads, I tried to explain my internships and work abroad after I graduated from the university.

You know, when I attended a seminar or conference at the university, I would have liked to ask a person who worked abroad, but I would never get the answers I wanted.
Anymore, I’ve started to feel like every one of the people who went abroad, went by chance or with someone’s help.

The only thing that I had in my mind was that I would try to explain to each one that there is no difference between me and them, and that they can do everything I do.

I was very happy to see that there were people who were much more concerned, determined, and who knew what they wanted.

What did we talk about?

I tried to give general information about my internship, working life and social life in abroad.
I can say that I answered all the questions as best as I can, but I had a hard time thinking about a little cold due to the weather change in South Africa.

If there’s even the slightest detail I can be useful, there’s no reason for me not to be happy!

I know I’m not very far from my university life yet, but I can still feel much younger when I meet with the students.

There is a huge world in front of them, and I hope each one of them can have the opportunity to experience what I want to experience.

And I hope I can help them as much as I can.

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