My Journey to South Africa

My plane to Konya was at 05.55 am and my plane from Istanbul at 02.55 would be in Johannesburg at 11.05 the next morning.

I wasn’t ready at all until the previous evening from my trip. I don’t know where that comfort came from, but I couldn’t even decide which bag to take. I can say that I’ve done all these preparations in about half an hour.

Because my priority was food and accommodation. I was trying to get more information about them.

When I was dealing with millions of questions in my mind, I was able to relax a little bit with my friend who had lived in Johannesburg for over a year and had never been spared.

It was so delicate that he answered all the ridiculous questions I had asked, with all his patience.

I was so nervous, I was going to go by myself, and I always heard things were not safe. In fact, my brother even told me that the THY pilot has been taken hostage.

Then I learned that a Turkish friend will come too. This was a positive news.


My journey would start in the morning at 05.55. It was obvious that I wouldn’t have to sleep in my eyes. And a lot of uncomfortable behavior in the airplanes that I have lately stretched me a little bit.
For example, I had poisoned to our last journey with best friends on the way to Istanbul! I’ve been on an airplane for years, but I’ve got a different tension, even a little jolt.
Guess what did happen while I was thinking of these things? I learned that my friend (who tells me all about South Africa) should’ve go to Istanbul on the same plane as me because he had a very urgent job in the morning.

My God! And this was like saying “Gülbin, relax. I’m sending your luck ”.

Everyone knows, I’m usually lucky.

It was 9 hours ahead of South Africa. It was very comfortable for THY to be frankly.
I arrived in Johannesburg after a journey I did not understand how it went through film, music, books, food or something.

My Favorite: The sweetest thing of this journey was that my friend gave me the South African moneywhich he had brought for me before boarding the Konya-Istanbul plane. After I saw the rhino on the money, I put the money in the small compartment of my bag with a smile on my face.

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