The French Practical Group Performed Their First Meeting

You know I’m trying to learn French. After learning some about grammar, we have come to practice, which is the most important part. We had our first meeting as the French Practical Group on 09.12.2018 in order to reinforce the subjects we learned and to practice with the help of our French teacher Mademoiselle Lale, who like helping us with everything.
We had a great time with the people who joined the group to learn and improve French.

Why are we doing such this?

We all know that the fastest and most permanent way to learn a language is through practice. In the article How did I learn English? I described my foreign language learning methods in detail.
Of them the most effective method, of course, was to begin to explain myself in my own sentences. This meeting, which I thought was going to be very effective with the same method in French, met my expectations as a beginning.

Where is this event?

I have mentioned that I live in Konya. Konya seem to be a non-social city but I am also surprised by the fact that there exist new opportunities for people living in Konya day by day. I think I would not believe who says there are that much people in Konya who wants to learn French. Or I would be able to think that zhe would not participate in such an event even if there was someone who wanted to learn French. But you can see that attendance was also great!

This week the event took place in Novada Starbucks. For next ones, a specific place has not been decided yet. I would share the information about that with you when decided.

What have we done?

First of all, our event started with a friend’s describing himself who is a native French speaker, and our trying to understand him. Later, everyone tried to explain zhimself even in a few sentences, and I realized that we were able readily to make simple and basic sentences with name, surname, age, school, company, profession, place of birth. Mademoiselle Lale and the native speaker friend of course helped us in wrong sentences and different types of sentences we wanted to say.

The comfortable and friendly environment provided opportunities for everyone to express themselves.
As it was our first event, we exchanged ideas about how to meet and how to proceed. Moreover, we have decided to continue meeting with different topics in every 2 weeks.

We thought that we could play games, make presentations, do cinema activities and meet with different language groups. At the same time, we thought that designating a new topic every week in our WhatsApp group would help us to learn French by writing, reading and understanding sentences.

How to join us?

If you need to learn or improve French, you can join our group at any time. Moreover native French speaker friends can always give us some tips to help us by joining our group, as well!


Footnote: I am very happy to meet my colleagues in the event. The fact that there were two more food engineers between us made me sit with a smile on my face during the event.
You can contact me for more information, questions and comments.

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