The Westernmost Point of Europe “Cabo da Roca”

One of my favorite place during my travels is Coba da Roca in the Sintra Region, in Lisbon, Portugal. So I will tell you about Cabo da Roca now.

Portugal is undoubtedly one of the countries I have always had my favorite, the best time ever.

From everyone I’ve talked about, I understand that the issue is not only about me, it is about what a beautiful country Portugal is!

Although I forgot to write in my 2019 goals, I will visit Portugal in 2019.
Nazare and Porto.

Cabo da Roca

Cabo da Roca is the place where people are believed to be the last land of the world when people are not yet aware of America’s existence. The discoveries were made starting from there. When it was realized that the sea voyages, which had lasted for many days, would not come to an end, they thought that the land had come to an end.

“Aqui onde a terra se acaba e o mar começa…”
“Where the earth ends, the sea begins,”

How to go?

If you’re on your way to Portugal, it’s definitely a place to see. I’ve transported by car. So I cannot give detailed information about public transportation, there are trains to Sintra Town and buses to Cabo da Roca.

While passing through Sintra, it is impossible not to notice the beautiful houses, the magnificent ambiance.

A town in the greens, roads like the fairy-tale land, joyful people, Pena Palace in all its glory.

Until we reached Cabo da Roca, the all roads were not all so cute. I felt quite a lot of transportation difficulties, as it was a point on the hill.

As someone who is already afraid of heights, every 10 seconds, I said, “Will we go even more?”

We reached Cabo da Roca by climbing the winding, scariest roads.

Will you take a photo like I’m flying?

Yeeeeees ! The moment the earth ends, when I land on where the sea begins I was welcomed by a wind that hardly allowed me to stand in my place! Seriously, it was a crazy wind. I have never seen such a wind in my life.
You will already see, all the coasts of Portugal are windy. The first thing that reminds Cabo da Roca of is this wind.

The ocean, the America on the other side of the ocean, and I’m trying to keep my hair in the wind. On the one hand, I’ve been listening to the stories told about the current location, and looking at the farthest point of the ocean, I was dreaming of the dates when this place was thought to be the end of Europe. I was so impressed that the Portuguese talked about their voyages for years.

On the back side of the lighthouse, which is described a few times renewed, as if the fearful stories were providing a background. When I was trying take the photo, I remember thinking “with a stone why we could take pictures.”

I didn’t want to have an ordinary photograph and I was greatly impressed by the wind, and I said to my friends, ” Will you take a photo like I’m flying ?” And they did “Yes.”

Cabo da Roca was included in my memories of Portugal, which I can feel most happy to think about.

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