Why am I going to South Africa?

As I mentioned earlier, I was very interested in nutrition issues as well as being a Food Engineer and I did my best to participate in the projects that took place on this subject.

After working on a project in Nestle, I can say that I have started to have a special interest in projects in Africa.
Because of all of the institutionalities I have worked with, I missed some of the values ​​that I care about.
Every subject that I can help people, especially children, makes me happy.
Therefore, one day I was asked to apply for a project that was noticeable when examining the WHO page of projects.

Although I’m not sure if I’m going to be accepted, I just thought maybe I would try myself and if I took an acceptance I would be very satisfied with my activities.

How did I apply? How Did I Get Accepted?

I have added the link to the page where the ads were published as a link. Usually here, the intern, the team responsible, technical responsible and project elements such as positions are opened for positions.
If you’re fit, you can create your profile and then apply. I’m not going to write in detail about how to create a profile here, please contact me if there’s something you’re stuck with!

If you want to apply for them, I suggest you to apply according to the details of the positions you want.
For example, if you apply for a non-competence in the field of accounting, the rate of acceptance will not be high.

Be sure to read all the details. Anything from the work you will do to the payment of your payment will be written in detail.

Why South Africa?

Obviously it wasn’t a country I chose. As I liked the details of the project, country was the last place where I was interested.
But then I realized that where it was done could be very important.

How did I prepare?

I’ve never been in a country like this before. So I knew it would be a different experience for me.
In my preparatory stages I tried to get information about things that I would encounter, rather than preparing suitcases.

I had learned from a friend who had lived in Johannesburg for over a year to learn what I was curious about.

I wasn’t going to stay for a year, but people were afraid of what doesn’t know, so I was nervous about it.

First I had a confusion about a bit because of I live in Turkey and we were in a winter season. There were snow, ice, cold in Konya, but it was hot, hot and hot in South Africa!

I didn’t have a plan to take too much. Summer clothes didn’t take much space. My computer was the real trouble. It was asked to bring everyone’s personal computer and I decided to carry my backpack because I didn’t want to also carry a computer bag.

I just got my backpack and hand luggage. I started out with my usual thought a “If I need something, I’ll buy it from there”

Flights and Accommodation

My flight ticket was taken from Istanbul, I got the one from Konya. After a 9-hour trip from Istanbul, I would arrive in Johannesburg. I was told I was going to arrange the accommodation there but they also had a list of places to stay.

So before I left I had the opportunity to study on a little and found a few places for myself.
After everything had become clear, I had to wait back just the day I was going. I can say, I couldn’t sleep for a week.

I did not go abroad for the first time in my life, no, I did not go to a different culture from Europe for the first time no, but I think I’d get this far from Turkey for the first time since I began to live in Konya.

And I was going to stay there for a month.

For further details about my trip to South Africa;

My Journey to South Africa

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