Why Did I Go to Iceland?

When we say Iceland, we all just stand here and sigh, right?

It is a country that has beautiful snow and beautiful natural wonders. In this article, I’ll tell you, “why did I go to Iceland, how I got my visa, what I’ve had.”

Why Did I Go to Iceland?

My reason for going to Iceland was the European Union-funded youth projects that I worked with when I was a university student.

As I did every day, I applied again to the projects that were suitable for me, and I was constantly checking my mail box.

The event I attended was one of the trainings, organized under the name of Salto-Youth, which took 2 to 10 days to develop young people in different countries in different projects.

As far as I know about Salto-Youth, I’ll tell you in another article. For now, I’m just giving you the link, maybe you’ll have the opportunity to research yourself until I write the article 🙂

Click to go to Salto-Youth site

When you look at it a little bit, you will understand that this formation is fully supported by the EU and it covers all the expenses from the moment you are accepted into the project until you return home.

All the charges I mean, like going to central Reykjavik from the airport, cost 45 euros. If all the expenses were not covered, sometimes, I think about how hard could be for me as a student.

I made my application to the project with my own, I did not get help from any of them. I’ve written what my English is, because I knew that when I got there, I would have to deal with my own English.

What was the project?

The project was not related to either my profession or one of my hobbies. The questions I answered included questions such as volunteering, the reason I wanted to participate in the project, how to use what I would learn when I came back.

I tried to show that I was very willing, how much I wanted to be in, and the volunteering projects I participated in in the past.

Sending CV and Motivation Letter to Youth Projects

Before proceeding to the stage of my acceptance, once again “How to Prepare CV and Motivation Letter?” I recommend that you review.


Sometimes I still think why they chose me? I’m saying I wouldn’t choose myself as I looked at the answers I gave, but I was chosen!
I got an e-mail saying I could go to Iceland!

Most importantly, I was receiving e-mails to say that they would help with all transactions, and that both countries’ National Agencies would always be in contact with me for visa and travel.

I was so happy, immediately I wrote a mail to the Turkey National Agency, about I got accepted. (It was told to contact with my country in the mail from Iceland)

The National Agency provided a return to my mail without delay and told me how to process about the project step by step.

It was only time to collect my documents and apply for a visa.
You can read about the visa and how the project is paid.
If you have any questions about how I went to Iceland, please contact me!

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