EVS Ends! About The New Program : European Solidarity Corps –Detailed Review–

In my previous article, I mentioned what EVS is and what EVS is not. You can read it here.
As of 2019, the program European Voluntary Service will be terminated and European Solidarity Corps program will go into operation instead. It has already started to receive applications but not all projects have been added yet and all steps of the site have not been completed.

What is ESC?

With the European Union support, this process, which includes taking part in projects on a voluntary basis throughout Europe, compensates all of your costs when the application is accepted by the project organization. You are asked to be in the age group of 18-30 as in all youth programs.

The project does not ask for any other requirements but it will be better to have something give you chances that will allow you to be ahead of other candidates so that the organization can accept you.

Are there advantages over EVS?

In fact, it is very close to EVS in content. In the same way, you work voluntarily in Europe, you do not pay any. But unlike;
1. You can also work abroad together with ESC if you can receive an acceptance from one of the projects. If you voluntarily go, all expenses are covered by the project, and if you go as an employee, you work for a certain fee, ok, but you pay there with the money you earn. (Accommodation, meals, travel etc.)
2. Previously, EVS projects did not allow you to participate in projects in your own country. Now, the new program, you can also participate in projects in Turkey.
3. You had to research very much to apply for voluntary projects, there were many different sites and organizations. Some time later, everything could be getting too complicated. But ESC allows you to send all your applications to all projects through a single profile.

What should you do?

First of all, it is our new site https://europa.eu/youth/solidarity_en, which enables to communicate between the organization and the volunteer, on which we create our profile and then apply to the projects.
The site is currently available in English but the Turkish language option has not been completed yet. When it’s done, you can use it in Turkish. When you enter the site, such a screen below will come to screen.

• You can access the registration screen by clicking on “Join the corps”.
• After you give the required information and complete the registration, it will direct you to the main screen of all projects.

• You can start reviewing the projects right away, but I think you should first enter your profile and complete all the information not wanted while signing up. The information in the profile will be the main reason for a person to be selected for the project, so it should be filled in the most serious way, carefully.

I have given you the page below you would enter the information. As you can see, there are headings such as your personal data, information needed for all projects, additional information needed for volunteering project, and additional information needed occupational projects.

Clicking on them, you can answer many questions like the projects you want to join and countries you want to go to.

According to the information you have given, the project agency will decide whether you will be chosen or not. I will say it again: carefully and completely fill them out! 

• Once you have completed all of your information, you can now review the projects and apply for whatever you want. My advice is that you should apply a project after editing your profile according to the content of that project. This increases the acceptance rate of you for the project.

How to apply for the project?

Now, let’s analyze a project together;

 • You can see on the map how many projects there are in which countries.
• You can search for projects with the features you want on the left side filters.
• By the section “sort list by”, you can list projects according to the latest shared ones, project start dates, or project end date to apply.

• I assumed that I wanted to apply for a health-related project in France. I also chose the start and end dates at random. You can look for them appropriate for you. Or you can analyze them all and choose from. It’s all up to you.
• As you realized, the details of the projects are written.
• You can also monetarize just the appropriate projects for you from where I pointed with the red arrow.
• After the projects are listed, you can apply to the appropriate ones for you.
• Now, clicking on one let’s make our applications.

• Yes, when you come to the application step, a page will be opened to show you all the details of the project.
• You should surely read all the details on this page.
• These details, such as accommodation, food, work, location, voluntary profile wanted, will help you in the process of applying for the project. And let’s say there is a project about the plantation and the environment, and if you don’t want to participate in such a project, your application will not be of any benefit to you.

Important Note: Make reading an important rule of life, not just in such applications. No matter how long it is, no matter how ridiculous things are written, read every document including your name, read the details of each project you will apply to!


• You have reviewed everything, you have decided it was a project exactly for you, you have completed the information on your profile.
• Okay, then, what are you still waiting for? Click Send button and complete the application.
• You can see all of your applications from the tab in your profile. If the agency accepts you, they will reach you using the contact information there. So make sure your information is right!
• You can also access the photos, videos, and explanations of this program from the “training” tab. It would be useful to read them.

I have shared my research about ESC (European Solidarity Corps) with you, there are very nice projects and new ones also continue to be added. To tell the truth even I want to reapply again now. 
Speaking of reapplication, it is said that those who participated in the long term EVS program will not be able to benefit from this program, but they can still apply for paid employments. This rumor will become clear after Christmas.

Decide what type of project you want to take part in and try your chance. Who knows, maybe you’re going to meet new good people and opportunities, and shape your future.
Whatever it is, don’t give up on dreaming, and work really, really hard for it. There’s nothing you can’t do when you want to do!

And if you are about to be demoralized, write to me, and I will tell you what I have not been able to succeed when I try to achieve my dreams. 

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