Conference with Konya Technical University Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

On 26.04.2019, we had a good conference on travel and business opportunities abroad in the Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Konya Technical University.

I am going to give the details of the seminar below which is organized by Erasmus Coordinator and Research Assistant Mrs. Zeynep got in contact with us through our site.


Konya Technical University Faculty of Engineering

This faculty, which has been training engineers for many years under the umbrella of Selçuk University, is now continuing its education under the name of Konya Technical University. This university, which can be accepted as one of the most rooted universities in Konya, has tens of engineering branches and thousands of students.

Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

The Department of Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, one of the important buildings blocks of the developing technology, is full of teachers who are single-hearted to give the necessary education to their students at the Faculty of Engineering in Konya Technical University. I can say that I personally witnessed this.

Especially Mrs. Zeynep, who invited us to their departments for the seminar, welcomed us and was interested in us with her friendly attitude until the end of the program, is one of the most admired teachers to have.

Sometimes I think what I could do more if I had a teacher like her at my university time.

Where could I go, who could I meet…


What have we talked about?

The students who were already informed about the importance of going abroad at university and after graduation were curious about the most suitable ways of going abroad for them.

Then, I have provided information about ESC, EVS and other European Union Youth Projects. I have also told the details about the projects I had participated.

At the end of the program, we have decided the date for our next event, and we have also reviewed other topics that we could talk about.

I hope I have been able to tell some useful things and to reach out to the students who had wanted to be informed about abroad.

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